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Agricultural Irrigation

The pesticide spraying hose is made of double layer high strength fiber reinforced yarn. It has the characteristics of light weight, weather resistance, wear resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, softness and easy operation.

Chemical industry

The special hose used in chemical industry is made of special materials and can be used at higher temperature. It can keep good service performance and is not easy to deform.

Gardening Washing

The special hose for garden flowers is colorful, bright, light, soft, elastic, easy to move and good weather resistance.

Pneumatic Air

The special hose for home gas uses high quality PVC and rubber synthetic material, soft and elastic, high pressure resistance, good weather resistance and good sealing performance.

Suction and Delivery

The special hose for car washing and cleaning is made of high quality PVC synthetic material and high strength fiber yarn. It has bright color, light weight, good pressure resistance, good weather resistance, small coefficient of expansion, soft and elastic.

Food and beverage

The special hose used in food and beverage industry is produced by food grade raw materials. The product can be easily identified through the detection of no plasticizer, FDA detection, non-toxic, tasteless, high transparency.