Fundamentals still have bullish factors, plastic short term or rebound


Before the National Day Plastic fell sharply, in addition to the early rise too fast need to adjust the reasons, the impact of the overall commodity crash is also one of the main factors. Postganglionic plastic temporarily shocks, but the fundamentals are still favorable factors, short-term rebound may be larger.

First, crude oil trend is stronger, the cost supporting role is still in

International crude oil prices continued to rise in September. Although the National Day holiday adjustment, but the whole is still strong concussion, the cost of plastic support role still.

Two and October, there are still some maintenance factors exist.

Pucheng clean energy chemical linear unit planned for 30 days in October 10th. Shanghai LP low pressure device parking overhaul until October 15th. Polyethylene plant commissioning after Shenhua Ningxia coal in October 5th to stop, formal commissioning time to be determined.

Three and October are still demand season

The demand point of view, is still in the October season, the average September agricultural boot rate was about 38%, an increase of 10 percentage points. Films demand into the season, agricultural enterprise order accumulation, gradually improve the boot. In large agricultural enterprises on good operation rate in 5-8, Nissan in the amount ranging from 30-140 tons, the production of small enterprises is slightly less.

From the beginning of September film, color film, garlic leaf films demand gradually improved, national day and Mid Autumn Festival packaging demand, exports of Christmas goods demand in October double eleven electricity supplier promotional merchandise inventory preparation, goods delivery packaging needs, because of this year's environmental policy has changed the market structure, especially the regeneration material out of the market faster, October after domestic demand will continue to improve.

Four, spot prices after the steady rise

After the national day, spot prices steady rise. Petrochemical prices, businesses offer a narrow range of rise, the market supply side, after the amount of margin trading atmosphere downstream, can.

To sum up, although the overall price of plastics is still weak, there are still some favorable factors behind the festival. And before the price of plastic fell too fast, the possibility of short-term rebound.

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