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Things You Need to Know When Investing in A Used Jet Ski

Jet Skiing is one of the best water sports for adventure lovers. To enjoy this sport, you would need a good quality watercraft. If you don’t have it and planning to buy one, then there are certain things to watch out. A used watercraft will prove to be a budget friendly option than a new one.

Don’t purchase two stroke Jet Ski

This is the major thing that you need to keep in mind when buying a sea-doo usagé. The reason why two stroke engines are not recommended because they are phased out from the market. Watercraft made using these engines result in a lot of pollution. Comparatively better option would be to go for a four-stroke engine.

One more reason that is not in favor of 2 stroke engine is that, its parts are not easily available in shops. As two stroke Jet Ski burns oil, then do not have a dipstick. So, all these reasons make four stroke engine an efficient purchase decision.

Engine hours do not matter much

It has been observed that an ordinary Jet Ski lasts for only three hundred hours. 300 hours is more than sufficient. Besides engine hours, other important aspects that you need to consider is the shape of the watercraft, the pump, the hull, and the compression.

To check the compression of a watercraft, you can take help of a compression gauge tool. Make sure that the compression is more than 100PSI and each cylinder is present close to each other.

Lifespan of the engine

You would definitely want to invest in equipment that serves you for a longer time span. A two-stroke engine can give you three hundred hours of life whereas a four stroke can provide 1,000 hours of life when taken good care.

Do water testing

It is advised not to use a used Jet Ski without performing a water test on it. This test ensures that your used watercraft take off immediately. In addition to it, also check the RPM’s. An ordinary Jet Ski gives around 7000 RPMs at maximum throttle condition. Again, this value can be different for different machines, make sure to check it before investing in it.


If you are fond of water sports, you need to get a durable watercraft. A good quality watercraft can make your experience all the more amazing. Keeping these tips in mind will definitely assist you in making an efficient purchase.