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Top 5 Tips to Clean Your Goods before Moving to a New Country

You have made all the arrangements for your international move and have found a reliable and affordable shipping company to ship your goods to the new country too.

But still you have to make some more preparations. One of the most important among these is cleaning your items.

Yes, it’s very necessary to ship only clean items in order to get them cleared from the customs at your new destinations.

Image Courtesy: dazmac.com.au

For example, in an island country like Australia, the rules for clean items are very strict. Thus, if you want car transport Perth to Melbourne according to Dazmac Logistics, your car should be thoroughly cleaned.

Here are a few tips to make sure you have prepared your items properly for customs clearance.

1. Where are You Moving?

Every country has its own customs regulations that you need to stick to and some of them are more stringent than others. So, you should first check what the rules are.

Even a good removal company can help you in this area. So, it’s advisable to ask them.

In case of Australia, e.g. the customs clearance rules are very strict. Fortunately, you can call a quarantine cleaning company like Dazmac Logistics and they will clean your goods so that they arrive at the Australian destination safely and clear the customs smoothly.

Image Courtesy: dazmac.com.au

2. Clean All the Dirt

As a rule, all your things should be spotlessly clean. Especially, those which come in regular contact with dirt should be cleaned so as to remove all the dirt.

Such things include bikes, sports equipment, gardening tools, children’s outdoor toys and playthings, paddling pools, etc.

Things that live indoors but are used outdoors should also be thoroughly cleaned. These include tent pegs, fishing tackle, wellington boots and golf clubs.

Even the soles of your regular footwear should be spotless clean.

3. Animal Hair Should be Totally Eliminated

Animal hair is a strict no-no for customs clearance. So, you should make sure you wash and vacuum all belongings of your pets including their beddings, grooming equipment, and food and water bowls.

4. What about Vacuum Itself?

If you will be taking your vacuum with you, you should make sure that you empty it completely and make it totally dust- and dirt-free before packing for shipping.

The same rule will apply for any cleaning equipment including brooms, mops, brushes, dust pans and trash cans if you will be taking them with you.

5. The Basic Question

Cleaning, cleaning and cleaning! How should it be done after all? Well, it’s advisable to start with the good old hot soapy water to clean the initial dirt.

Next follow this with a disinfectant to destroy any leftovers. Also, if you have a steam cleaner, use it wherever appropriate.

For soles of shoes or vehicle tyres or anything with tread which are awkward to clean, use an old toothbrush and sterilising liquid to clean every nook and corner of the item.

Just ensure nothing is left behind.

Not paying keen attention to cleaning your goods will not only be expensive at the customs inspection of your destination country, but also hold up your goods and even the goods can get pulled.

So, take care to clean all your items and be ready to fly towards the new country with your beloved possessions.